ATTENTION Crossfitters 35 and Over: Are you ready to build strength, reduce joint pain and perform better than ever??
Discover How to Build Strength and Become More Injury-Resistant so that You Can Perform Better in Metcons without Destroying Your Body in the Process...


If you enjoy doing Crossfit, listen up.

Crossfit is hard. Really hard.

And it can take a toll on your body if you're not careful. Especially as you get older.

Despite the tremendous benefits that Crossfit provides, you still have to be smart and strategic with your training otherwise you'll just run yourself into the ground.

There's a difference between the pain of a good, intense workout and the pain that leads to chronic injuries. Training through that kind of pain is the worst thing you can do!

It has been shown that the number one predictor of future injury is your past injury history.

So unless you start training smarter, you're standing DIRECTLY in the way of your own progress.

Not only will you never reach your full potential but you're actually becoming more and more susceptible to injury.

Once it happens - and it WILL happen - there's no telling how long it will take to recover from whatever you break, snap, or tear this time.

I hate to play the age card but you're not 22 anymore so you shouldn't train like you are either.

Too many high volume and high intensity workouts without a solid foundation and adequate recovery is a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand, if you want to get stronger and more resilient so you can continue to enjoy your daily WODs, there's a more effective approach.

I've spent the last decade competing in the sport of Crossfit and along the way I've been tweaking and refining my training methods to both maximize my overall fitness but to also keep my body strong and healthy in the process.

Along the way, I've also helped many others do the same by implementing smarter training techniques that allow them to make continual progress over the long run.

Once I share this program with you, the way you train and feel will change forever:

Your lower back won't light up every time you bend down to pick up a barbell

Your shoulders won't feel achy whenever you try to do pull-ups.

Your knees won't hurt when you go below parallel.

Your hips won't feel like they're cemented in place.

Your elbows and wrists won't feel tender to the touch.

The program you're about to learn about is head and shoulders above anything else you compare it to.

Keep reading because even if you don't want to admit it, no one, I mean NO ONE, wants to train in pain.

I'm Isaac Payne

Over the last 20 years, I've helped hundreds of people get stronger, leaner, and more resistant to injury with my effective and pain-free training system.

They feel better, they recover faster, and they're filled with long lasting energy. They can lift heavy weights with less joint pain and their performance in daily WODs dramatically improved.

The best part is their results are sustainable because they train intelligently.

My job is to help people get real results without running themsleves into the ground and getting hurt. Which is why I've become known as the guy that helps Crossfitters get strong and perform better despite little aches and pains.


This goes against what most coaches will tell you.

Training for performance FIRST is a huge mistake. A mistake the numerous coaches make that will hinder your ability to develop optimal strength, power, and longevity.

Not only that, you WILL get injured and it's only a matter of when and how bad the injury will be.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

While other coaches prioritze WOD after WOD, smart lifters are using my "Tactical Training Method" to emphasize strength, power, joint health, longevity and performance all at the same time.

This is what's going to help you take your metcons to the next level and feel good along the way.

From over 20 years of experience in the gym helping others reach their full potential, here's one thing I've learned.

I care more about helping people getting strong and staying healthy more than a Fran time or a max clean and jerk. In fact, feeling good and performing well for as long as you can is all I care about.

That's why I program for health first, and the performance results will come naturally.

I truly believe this is the most effective way to continue to make gains in strength and overall work capacity.

I know this probably goes against everything you've been told but if you can wrap your head around this concept, it will be a game changer for you.

This isn't some gimmicky 21 day cure. This is a compliment to a highly effective training methodology.

With over a decade of experience coaching and competing in Crossfit, I've heard it all.

"Just get better at the Olympic lifts and you'll be fine."

"Don't go too heavy cause it's dangerous."

"Just focus on the intensity and you'll get stronger."

"Too much strength and accessory work will take away from your engine."

The truth is, Crossfit is fantastic but without a balanced approach it can leave you feeling pretty beat up.

It comes down to 3 reasons...

Reason #1 - Too Much Emphasis on the Olympic Lifts

Don't get me wrong, Olympic lifting is great and provides a lot of tremendous benefits.

However, they are very technical and can take a toll on your joints over time.

If you don't have the best technique or poor mobility, the cost may not be worth the benefit.

If you want to build strength in a pain free fashion, you have to do the Olympic lifts LESS.

This sounds counterintuitive, but it will be way more effective in the long run.
Although, Olympic lifting is a huge part of Crossfit, there are safer and more effective ways to build strength and work capacity while keeping your body healthy in the process.
Reason #2 - Accessory Work Isn't Just for Powerlifters
    Getting good at Crossfit means you need to address your weaknesses and the right type of accessory work does exactly that.

    Accessory work will allow you to finally eliminate muscle imbalances, improve joint stability, and strengthen weak points in the main lifts .

    I've had clients increase their max pull-ups without doing a single pull-up for over a month.

    And make no mistake about it, just because it isn't for time doesn't mean it's not hard work!

    Reason #3 - Too Much Strength and Accessory Work Won't Hurt Your Engine
    Crossfitters are notorious for being addicted to WODs.

    And I get it, they give you a huge rush of adrenaline that is like nothing else. But, taking your foot off the gas a little to address your weaknesses will allow you perform at a higher level in the long run.

    Ironically, one of the best ways to get better at Crossfit, especially as you get older, is to dial back the intensity to take stress off the your nervous system and focus on improving movement quality.

    Don't worry, your fitness won't disappear if you cut out back on the WODs a bit.
    I get it, you love Crossfit and you've gotten great results from this style of training.

    The problem is, if you're not careful, you can get derailed pretty quickly.

    As you may already know, you can't train with the same volume and intensity as you did in your 20s and nor should you.

    Trying to keep up with the young bucks is a recipe for disaster.

    Before you know it, you'll be struggling to walk up a flight of stairs without holding onto the railing. Your shoulders and elbows will be so inflammed that getting dressed in the morning will be painful.

    You can't even bend down to play with your kids without your lower back getting lit up.

    So ask yourself, are you getting the most out of your training? Take a moment to write this down so you never forget it..

    The second you trade joint health and longevity to shave few seconds off a WOD, you're guaranteed to lose both!!
    Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not a month from now. But eventually it will bite you in the ass and you'll be at risk of having your training and your health stolen from you.

    That's a tough pill to swallow because Crossfit is fun and gets us out of our comfort zone.

    However, I don't care who you are, you MUST chase health if you want optimal performance.

    • Cut back on the high volume Olympic lifting
    • ​Cut back on the kipping
    • ​Give your nervous system and joints the opportunity to recover
    Once you understand that you need to take one step back in order to take 3 steps forward, you'll be able to reach your full potential.
    "When I first started working out with Isaac, I was in the worst shape of my life. Now, 26 months later, I think I'm in the best shape of my life! His programming is unique and varied and he has always done a great job of helping me alleviate injuries and limitations. I've now gotten to a level I didn't think was possible and I owe it all to Isaac's approach to training."

    Nick, 49
    "The strength and accessory work that Isaac programs for me has helped me tremendously.  At first, I was concerned that my conditioning would take a bit of a hit but, in fact, it was quite the opposite! My body feels strong, I've got lots of energy, and my performance keeps improving!"

    Emily Rolfe, 19th place at 2019 Crossfit Games


    A resilient body has the ability to recover and easily adapt.

    True resiliency means that no matter what your body is challenged with, you can withstand the most stressful conditions without crumbling and rise to the occasion to perform and recover over and over again.

    This is what high quality training is all about.

    Being resilient doesn't just help you survive, it helps you THRIVE.

    This is what your training SHOULD be about, but it's also the missing link to almost every Crossfitter's program.

    Most people think you're either born resilient or you're not.  You're strong or weak. Hurt or healthy.
    The truth is, a resilient body isn't something you're born with.  It's something that's earned over time with discipline and consistency.

    Pain and injuries become far and few between. You recover from training sessions faster and you bounce back from little flare ups quicker than ever.

    In order to do so, you have to train smarter not faster.

    YES. To be a better Crossfitter, you need to SLOW DOWN.

    With my training program, you're about to discover how to unlock new levels of strength, reduce pain, and ultimately perform better without running yourself into the ground.



    The First and Only Highly Effective Strength and Accessory Program that Helps You Get Stronger and Reduce the Risk of Injury so that You Can Continue to Enjoy Your Daily WODs

    Bulletproof Body is the ultimate resource for Crossfitters over 35 that want to be strong and healthy for years to come. This isn't just some quick fix. This will be your go-to program for strength and accessory work.

    Bulletproof Body includes:
    • 12 weeks of highly effective strength and accessory programming
    • ​The best exercises that have been battle tested over the last decade
    • Access to my private Facebook group where all of your questions and concerns can be answered by me directly
    I've laid out every step you need to take over the next 12 weeks to become stronger and more resilient than ever before. Whether you've been doing Crossfit for 6 months or you're a seasoned veteran, I'm confident it WILL be your go to strength and accessory resource from this point on.
    • Improve in all your main lifts without pain
    • ​Improve work capacity, health and longevity
    • ​Rebuild your body's most foundational movement patterns
    • ​Change the way you think about functional fitness forever
    It's worked for people of all fitness levels from beginner's to Games level athletes...and I want you to be next!!
    "I'm 36 years old and I feel way better than I did in my 20s.  Isaac's approach to training is challenging yet effective. He knows how to get the best out of me without putting too much stress on my body.  I'm stronger, I'm leaner, and I rarely have any aches and pains."

    Scott, 36
    "I never thought lifting weights would improve my energy levels and stamina so much but Isaac's training has done exactly that. He definitely takes the time to make sure my body is moving optimally. I can recover a lot faster from high intensity workouts and I think that's because I'm stronger overall. Thanks again for all your help Isaac!"

    Chloe, 35
    "With my 50th birthday right around the corner, I must say I never thought I'd be doing the things I'm doing.  I owe a lot of that to Isaac's great programming.  He's gotten me stronger than ever and I've got virtually no joint pain. There's no turning back now, I'm growing old with Isaac, lol!"

    Eric, 49
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    30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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    Bulletproof Body is NOT just some meathead powerlifting program..
    It's NOT a one-dimensional training program designed to get you a little stronger at the expense of your joints, aesthetics, and health. I could care less about putting your quality of life at risk just for a few extra pounds on the bar.

    We are going to get your strong AND feeling good but we're going to do it the right way.

    While everyone else is focused on short term performance at the expense of everything else, Bulletproof Body will give you performance AND long term health so you can keep setting new PRs without getting injured.

    Other coaches claim their programs will prepare you for whatever life throws at you but there are very few who do this effectively. The problem is, they confuse variety with progression. Instead of intelligent programming to help you make steady, continual progress, they throw a bunch of random stuff at you and call it "variety."

    Unlike most programs, Bulletproof Body's "Tactical Training System" will better prepare you for high intensity exercise.


    Here's what to expect with this 12 week training program:
    • Unlock new levels of strength and be well on your way to setting new pain-free personal records
    • ​Build strong functional muscle that's NOT just for show
    • ​Be able to enjoy your favourite hobbies like hiking and skiing without all the aches and pains
    • ​Create a stable and solid foundation of strength for long term health and vitality
    • ​Build power and explosiveness so you can lift heavier with any undue stress
    • ​Improve recovery time
    • ​Improve self confidence inside and outside of the gym
    Yes, I want to Bulletproof My Body so I can Continue to Enjoy Crossfit!
    Now For Only $97 $47
    30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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    12 Weeks of "Tactical Training" Programming - The most effective and joint-friendly training for Crossfitters. For the next 8 weeks, your workouts will be strategically varied to maximize strength and stability gains.  Every exercises, every rep, and every detail you need to become stronger, and more resistant to injury is included.

    Access to Private Facebook Group - Take the guesswork out of your training and have all your questions answered by a coach with 20 years of experience. This is as close as you can get to coaching with me 1 on 1.


    Not a problem.  I'm so confident you'll be more than satisfied by the quality of this program that I'm offering a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

    Our guarantee is simple. If you follow the program for 30 days and are unhappy with the program or the results, show us your workout log and that you reached out for help throughout the program and we'll give you every cent of your money back - guaranteed.

    You will get as much out of this program as you put into it. I promise, if you follow the program, you're going to blow yourself away. It's worked for so many people so I know it can work for you too.


    30 Days FREE Access to the Pure Payne Strength Club - The Pure Payne Strength club provides daily workouts that can be done from pretty much anywhere and take 30 minutes or less!  If you like quick and dirty workouts, you're gonna LOVE the Pure Payne Strength Club!

    Value - $69 - Free with your purchase of Bulletproof Body


    Bulletproof Body is NOT for you if:
    You have never lifted weights before and are new to lifting - If you have less than 6 months of serious training experience, Bulletproof Body is NOT for you.

    You were recently injured and can't lift or are still recovering from an injury - You need to train hard in order to unlock your potential. You CAN have minor aches and pains (because we all do) but you need free of any serious injuries.

    You're looking for a quick fix without putting in the work - Yes, this program is very effective, I guarantee and stand by that. But, you have to put in the work like all the success stories you read on this page.

    You want to continue doing WOD after WOD with little to no improvements - If you actually want to get stronger and faster in your workouts, then you need to take a different approach to your training. If making continual progress isn't important to you then Bulletproof Body isn't for you.


    • You have experience lifting weights and have built a solid foundation
    • You don't have any major injuries or pain that prevents you from lifting
    • ​You're willing to train hard and follow a PROVEN system
    • ​You're open-minded and willing to try new things in order to get better
    • ​You love to train and want to be healthy enough to do it for the rest of your life!
    Grab a Copy of Bulletproof Body
    Now For Only $97 $47
    30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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    Still Got Questions? We've got answers...

    Is Bulletproof Body a powerlifting program?  - No. Bulletproof Body was designed to help Crossfitters 35 and over build functional strength and become more resistant to injury so that they can continue to enjoy doing Crossfit.

    Who is Bulletproof Body for? - This is for people with at least 6 months of training experience. If you're a newbie or have any serious injuries, Bulletproof Body isn't for you.

    Do I need any special equipment for this, or can I do this from home? - This program is designed to use minimal equipment so that you can do it at any gym or basic home gym. You'll need access to a barbell, dumbells, bench, and a squat rack. But if you don't have access to one of those, no problem, we have suggested modifications so you can still get amazing results.

    Is this something I can use once, or can I repeat the 8 week program over and over again? - Yes. You can repeat Bulletproof Body over and over again and STILL make progress.

    I can only workout certain days/number of time per week. Will this work for me? - Yes. We have programmed 3 workouts per week because we know everyone's schedule and needs are different, so you can easily fit these workouts in whenever it is convenient for you.

    Do I have to stop doing Crossfit to do this program? - No. Bulletproof Body is a COMPLIMENT to Crossfit, not a replacement.  These workouts should be performed before or after your daily WODs to keep your body strong and healthy.

    How long do the workouts take? - The Bulletproof Body workouts take anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Just long enough to be effective but still allowing time for your daily WOD.

    Yes, I'm Ready to Bulletproof My Body!
    30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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