Daily online programming for the busy, yet highly motivated, individual.
Isaac and Chloe's Story..
Isaac and Chloe have over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Their unique but highly effective training methods have helped hundreds of people get stronger, leaner, and more conditioned. Both men and women have seen huge improvements in their strength, body composition and energy levels while working with them.

Isaac and Chloe currently own and operate a 5000 square foot training facility in Vancouver, BC where they continue to help people live healthier and happier lives on a daily basis. 

Since recently starting a family, Isaac and Chloe quickly realized the importance of time management to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Short workouts that produced huge results were a top priority. This inspired them to create the Pure Payne Strength Club - an online fitness community that delivers short and intense workouts daily to busy yet highly motivated people.
You don't have to spend countless hours in the gym in order to get the results you want.

If you've got a busy schedule, don't worry, you can get in the best shape of your life in just 30 minutes a day!

With a little bit of effort and some consistency, you'll be shocked by what these workouts can do for your overall health and fitness.

You want to train hard without feeling beat up and destroying your joints?

You want to be stronger, leaner, and more athletic than you've ever been?

You want more energy to be more productive throughout the day?

You want to improve the quality of your sleep?

You want to reduce your stress levels?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Pure Payne Strength Club is definitely for you!

With a "STRATEGICALLY varied functional movement performed at high intensity" approach to programming, you can rest assure that no stone will be left unturned.

It's time to look good, feel good, and perform even better!
Don't take our word for it, here's what others have to say about our training...
“Isaac’s style of training has helped me achieve a level of fitness I could never achieve on my own. His ability to make customized programs to meet my goals are amazing. The workouts have lots of variety and intensity so I’m always challenged and I never get bored. Isaac has also helped me to stay motivated and consistent with my training over the last year which has made a huge difference in my results. Thanks again for everything Isaac!”

Dan, 38

Chloe’s Fearless and fit community was exactly what I needed. Making time to go to the gym and having two little ones has proven to be very challenging at the best of times. Having the convenience of monthly workouts already laid out has worked out perfectly. Chloe would write a motivational and honest “pep talk” at the beginning of each month’s workout. Sometimes it would be a quote or a word to focus on or a personal challenge to tackle for the month. Whatever it was it always inspired me to try my best. Chloe is very relatable which helped to set a positive mindset “If she can do it, I can do it too”. Chloe’s workouts were easy to follow, adaptable and challenging. I appreciated the thought that went into them and the variety of exercises each month. I felt comfortable and supported not only by Chloe, but also by the entire Fearless and Fit community. I thrive on being part of a group of people who are working on similar goals. Being held accountable is also a powerful thing and is a big part of why I continued to do the workouts and achieved results:)

Tracy Gibson

“At 53 years old, I’ve never looked or felt better in my life! Thanks to Isaac’s motivation and effective training program, I’ve been able to increase my strength, energy levels, and cut a lot of annoying fat from around my waist. I recommend Isaac’s training system to anyone who’s serious about their health and fitness!”

Ted, 53
"I have been working with Chloe for almost a year and she has been very supportive.  The community she has created has been great as there is no "boasting", just encouragement and support.  It was clear right from the start that Chloe knew her stuff.  She is very good at bringing the best out of people and understanding our struggles with diet and fitness.  She is great at switching things up regularly to keep me interested and sh'e always challenging me with her "finishers."  Her workouts are tough but she always does a great job of helping me scale things whenever necessary.  Whenever life gets in the way, I'm still able to get in a good workout as they are never too long. Training along in a garage gym has been ay better since I connected with Chloe as I now have the structure and accountability I need to succeed. Thanks for everything, Chloe!

 “I never really enjoyed going to the gym. I always found it to be a boring chore. When I found Isaac and his training program, my outlook on working out totally changed. He has found a way to make workouts intense yet effective. His training program has literally transformed my body and I’ve never felt better in my life! His training style is the way to go!”

Dave, 35
"Chloe's training style is by far the best I've encountered. With Chloe, there's a constant source of motivation and positive energy. She brings a fresh approach to intense training in an extremely enjoyable way."

Gemma, 35
 “Before I met Isaac, I used to got go to the gym and train 1 or 2 body parts a day for couple hours. My strength increased a little bit but I felt horrible. It wasn’t until I started training with Isaac and his system that I noticed considerable increases in my strength and lean muscle. My body fat dropped dramatically and I was able to play competitive basketball again. Isaac’s training changed the way I think about working out forever!”

Deep, 32
"The combination of exercises Chloe brings to every session is very challenging and intense, but at the same time invigorating and fun.  She has a fantastic sense of humour and makes every session enjoyable. I'm enjoying exercise again and seeing amazing results and it's all because of Chloe!"

Kim, 40
“My background is typically athletic; I played a lot of team sports at different levels and have usually had fitness and sport involved in my life somehow. When I first started working out with Isaac in March of 2008 I was in the worst shape of my life. Now 26 months later and approaching my 40th birthday I think I am in the best shape of my life. The first 12 months were spent getting back in shape and losing 50 lbs. Working with Isaac helped me to do that in a number of ways. His programming was creative, fun and varied, allowing me to always push myself as far as I wanted. He also did a great job working around any injuries and limitations I had, which kept me in the gym and didn’t allow me to get off track. The last 12 months have been spent getting me to a level I didn’t think possible when I started. Isaac knows what I need to work on, how hard I need to work and is always pushing me to the next level. For me, that next level is often trying to catch him and I find it important to have a trainer that can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. When you work out at Pure Payne the only thing you need to bring is intensity. Whether your goal is losing 20 lbs, a 500lb deadlift, or pushing yourself beyond what you thought possible, if you bring the intensity, Isaac will get you there.”

Here's what you'll get inside...

Weekly Programming
  • Daily workouts delivered 5 days per week - Short, intense, and effective workouts that require minimal time, space, or equipment!
  • Highly effective Crossfit programming - Every exercise, EMOM, and AMRAP, DONE FOR YOU!
  • Top notch strength and accessory training - Bulletproof your body with our thorough strength and accessory work.  Eliminate muscular imbalances, preserve your joints, and elevate your performance.
  • Build your engine - Discover how to improve your conditioning without destroying your body with endless metcons.
Program 1

This version of the workout requires the least amount of equipment. All that is required for this version is a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, a jump rope, and either a simple doorway pull up bar or even TRX bands to complete all of the workouts!
Program 2

This version of the daily workout is for those with access to a barbell and plates, along with the jump rope and something to do pull-ups or rows on as well.
Program 3

This version of the daily workout is for those who either have a full home set up with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, plus a rower or a bike etc. OR for those who are doing our programming in a gym that has all kinds of crazy equipment!
*Please note - Programs 1,2, and 3 are not levels, but are based on what equipment you have access to.**
24/7 Access to us!

  • Private Facebook group - We're here to help you! Have all of your questions and concerns answered by us or anyone in our great community.
  • No more guesswork - Take your training to the next level by letting experienced coaches do the thinking for you.
  • Accountability - Think you go hard by yourself? Now you'll have a coach and a community to hold you accountable.
  • No more cherry picking! - It's time REALLY address your weaknesses and get the results you've always wanted.
A Supportive Community
The best way to stay motivated and continue to make progress is to surround yourself with like -minded people who only want to see you succeed.

The Pure Payne Strength Club has a private Facebook group that is filled with people just like you who want to become the best possible version of themselves.

As the saying goes, "Come for the workouts, STAY for the community."
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What If You Don't Like the Program?
No worries, our training program comes with a
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. 
No pressure. If this program isn't to your liking within 30 days, we'll issue a 100% refund.

  We've Also Got a FREE Bonus For You!
Flexible Dieting Fundamentals
  • What's a killer training program without an effective nutrition plan? - Discover how to eat to fuel your workouts and optimize the way you look and feel.
  •  PROVEN nutrition system - Build muscle, increase strength, shed body fat, and improve recovery times.
  • No more restrictive diets - Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to feel sluggish and miserable.
  • Enjoy your favorite foods - The best diet is the one you can sustain. With this system, you will learn how to eat the foods you enjoy most while still making gains.
We don't just talk the talk, We WALK THE WALK!
For over a decade, all I did was old school bodybuilding workouts. Despite enduring long tough workouts and gaining some muscle, I sacrificed EVERY OTHER APSECT of my fitness along the way. I had no conditioning to speak of, absolutely horrible mobility, and joint pain everywhere. I was SICK of the “pump!” After discovering this new system of training, I was able to not only maintain my strength and muscle but I also dropped excess body fat and dramatically improved my stamina and endurance without destroying my body in the process. At the age of 38, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life.”
Still Got Questions?
We've Got Answers...

What do I get?

You’ll get instant access to the absolute BEST training program that we have to offer:

A professionally designed training program that can be scaled to suit your skill level, schedule and available equipment.

Access to a private Facebook group where you can have all your questions and concerns answered.

Is this program for me?

Let's put it this way, this program is NOT for you if you..

 Are looking for a quick fix or an easy way out.

Are not ready to commit truly changing your body and life.

Are not ready to take responsibility for your physique and health.

Would rather follow a trendy program than a proven system that leads to lifelong health & fitness.

Would rather destroy your long-term health just to add a quarter-inch to your arms.

On the other hand, the Pure Payne Strength Club IS for you if you...

Want to get stronger, leaner and more athletic.

Have a busy schedule and don't want to spend long hours in the gym.

Are sick of wasting time program-hopping, getting injured and making very little progress.

Want to optimize your health, energy and quality of sleep.

Don’t have time to do the research and put together your own program.

Recognize and understand the importance of expert coaching and accountability.

Are 100% committed to putting in the work required to change your body and your life.

Want to transform your body while also staying strong, healthy, and injury-free.

If this resonates with you, then you owe it to yourself to give the Pure Payne Strength Club a try. 

What do you have to lose (other than stubborn body fat)?

How many days/week are the workouts?

There are 5 workouts per week and take 30 minutes or less.

Do I need a ton of equipment or access to a fancy gym?

Because we offer a few different versions of our workouts, you would need as little equipment as a pair of dumbbells and a skipping rope.

Our workouts also accomodate those with more equipment including a barbell and bumper plates, a pull-up bar and a rower.

How is this better than other programs?

First of all, this program is created by people with over 20 years experience. This programming incorporates PROVEN training techniques that have helped hundreds of people achieve REAL results. It will transform the way you look and feel.

Second, this program is focused on keeping you healthy and injury-free. Yes, you want to look sexy and jacked. But you also want to be able to move well, be pain and injury free, and perform like an athlete at any age. The Pure Payne Strength Club is the ultimate system to get you there.

In short, Pure Payne Strength Club is THE proven blueprint for taking your fitness to the next level.

What kind of results can I expect?

First, I’m legally obligated to tell you that the following results are not typical—because the typical person won’t put in the hard work to actually complete the workouts and eat a proper diet.

However, for the rest of you—the people who actually take action—here are the average results we see from those who put in the work and follow the entire program:

Gain an average of 10-15lbs of muscle
Lose an average of 12-15lbs of fat
Set new personal records on nearly every exercise
Eliminate nagging aches, pains & injuries

Sleep and energy levels improve

Increased productivity throughout their day

How do I get started?

When it comes to taking action in life, remember this: don’t wait. The things you put off till tomorrow never end up happening. Life is all about what you do right now…so if you want to change your body and take control of your life, then you have to do it RIGHT NOW.

Just click the “Get Started” button below and enter your information. You’ll get instant access to all the programs…which means you can be starting your first workout in the next 5 minutes.

The Pure Payne Strength Club is Just a Click Away.

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